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    An employment contract defines the terms of employment, z.B.: your lawyer can verify and explain the terms of your employment contract, determine if you have a viable right, and discuss options you can take to resolve the matter. Your lawyer can also help you find the right remedies and, if necessary, be represented on your behalf in court. If you think your employment contract has been breached and you can`t find a solution by discussing the problem with your employer, then you should consider hiring a local employment lawyer for further legal advice. If a staff member transmits confidential information or other information to another company or company that is either likened to the old company or wishes to position itself, the employee may receive a legal complaint for breach of the confidentiality agreement. Damages for breach of the employment contract are the legal compensation to which the other party is entitled if the employer or employee breaks the contract.3 minutes read for example, particularly with regard to employment contracts, if the employer signs an agreement that promises the worker a certain number of days off per year and the worker does not receive one while he has requested leave. , the employer may have breached the terms of its employment contract. In most cases, recourse in the event of a breach of an employment contract is generally compensatory damage. If a worker is obliged. B to give the employer one month`s notice and that the employer has only a two-week dismissal, the employer can sue for damages.

    Violation of employment contracts is limited in several respects. For example, a non-partisan party only receives damages if it is able to prove that it has suffered actual financial harm. In other words, claims are not quashed for certain claims. B for example, for people suffering from emotional distress or pain or suffering, or for sanctions. An employment contract is breached when the employer or worker fails to meet the obligations it has set out. In this case, the party who does not violate the contract may seek financial damages. Frequent cases that constitute an offence are improper termination, violation of competition or non-injunction agreements, and non-transfer of severance pay or compensation. Some contracts allow the employer to make changes.

    If you do not, you and your employer must accept a change. Making changes without agreement is a breach of contract. An employment contract is an agreement between the employer and the worker that provides for the conditions of employment. Once the employment contract is signed, it becomes binding on both the employer and the employee. This means that if one of the parties violates the terms of the contract, it can be legally held responsible for its actions.


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