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    The UN International Commission on the Civil Service (ICSC), a group of independent experts set up by the UN General Assembly, can expressly prosecute. Its mandate is to regulate and coordinate the conditions of service of staff in the united United Nations system, while promoting and maintaining high standards in the international civil service. In India, the civil service is defined as „government appointments in the context of EU affairs and includes a civilian in a defence service, with the exception of positions in the Indian armed forces.“ Members of the civil service serve the pleasure of the Indian president and Article 311 of the Constitution protects them from political or vindictive actions. This system was reversed during the short-lived Sui Dynasty (581-618), which initiated a public service bureaucracy, recruited by written tests and recommendations. The first system of examination of civil servants was set up by Emperor Wen von Sui. Emperor Yang von Sui created a new category of recommended candidates for Mandarin in 605 AD. The next Tang Dynasty (618-907) took the same steps for the development of civil servants and relied less and less on aristocratic recommendations and increasingly on promotion on the basis of the results of written tests. The structure of the review system was considerably expanded during The reign of Wu Zetian. [6] The system reached its peak during the Song Dynasty. [7] In 2011, the German public service employed 4.6 million people. [24] Public servants are organized into employees (employees), appointed civil servants (officials) and military personnel.

    They are employed by public bodies (public bodies) such as counties, federal states, confederation, etc. In addition to workers directly employed by the state, an additional 1.6 million people are employed in state-owned enterprises,[26] controversial nerasians concerning the establishment of public services in Greece are widespread. They typically concern the supposedly large number of public employees, the lack of adequate meritocracy in their employment, the strong links between important parts of public sector employees with political parties and the clientelism that this relationship maintains, the internal wage inequalities between public employees and the high income inequalities of public sector employees, which are relevant to the incomes of private sector workers. The public service pay scale is also controversial, given the pre-financial crisis conditions that made being a public servant a dream job. [Citation required] The civil service (Khmer: សេវាកម្ម ស៊ីវិល, Civil Sebaskamm) of the Cambodian government is the political equipment of the Royal Cambodian government. In fulfilling this important role, every official (Khmer: ម ន្រ្តី រាជការ, Montrey Reachkar) is required to act in accordance with the law and is guided by public political statements.


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